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What to Look Out For
By Dany Ricci

A Historic Night for the LGBTQ+ Community

By Lara Hueter

Last night brought LGBTQ+ victories—a “rainbow wave”—across the country, bringing hope alongside the Democrats’ long-awaited retake of the House.

More LGBTQ+ candidates won races than ever before. Over 400 LGBTQ+ candidates appeared on the ballot across the nation.

The past few weeks have been difficult for many of us. For most of us.

It seems as though, every day, there is a new attack on human rights and human lives. The Jewish community, immigrants, people of color, voters, and transgender people - the attacks are merciless. From physical violence and murder to the threat of stripping rights and human dignities, it’s a sad, confusing, enraging, and dangerous time.

Intersex Awareness Day was October 26, 2018. Visit InteractAdvocates.Org to learn more. 

By guest writer Robyn Foley (They/Them)

Even experienced political commentator and television host Rachel Maddow is overwhelmed these days with the rapid fire news being reported every single day.

All around us, every day, we are hearing about human and environmental rights being threatened: groups of people being targeted, abused and used as political pawns; stories of sexual assaults; stories of trans members of our community being killed. The list goes on. Absorbing all of this news can be difficult. And, being an activist during these times can mean experiencing an even higher level of stress and anxiety.