December 2016 Posts

We have entered the final phase of the SF LGBT Center's remodel! The paint currently being applied to the exterior gives you a sneak peek into the bold steps we are taking to provide a more welcoming home for our community and for future generations of LGBTQ people.
The exterior colors of the Center's Charles M. Holmes Campus and our Carmel Fallon Building --- turquoise and purple --- are part of a color palate meant to make a proud statement about our queer identities and celebrate the vibrant nature of our communities.

"I arrived in San Francisco full of hope and ready to live my authentic self, but unfortunately I soon found myself homeless and at the mercy of strangers that took advantage of my situation" - Anastazia, Youth Program participant.

After a 72-hour bus trip, 22-year-old Anastazia arrived in San Francisco with little money and nowhere to live. They left a life of rejection and harassment in Florida to seek a new beginning within a community that was supporting and accepting of young queer, trans and gender non-conforming people.