June 2017 Posts

One year ago, the nation woke up to learn that 49 young lives were violently taken from us in the deadliest mass shooting in American history. We are all still reeling from the massacre.

As we try to heal from the losses, LGBTQ people across the nation continue to face constant threat from those who attack who we are, where we come from, and how we worship. We must stand together to fight back and defend our right to be free and equal.

Three years ago, while leaving an underground LGBT club in Beirut, Lebanon, I was kidnapped. After being held blindfolded in the back seat of a car for almost 24 hours, my two male kidnappers threatened, intimidated, and physically abused me.

My kidnapping happened shortly after I found the courage to start discovering my authentic self as a transgender woman.

After I escaped the ordeal and the authorities found out about it, things got even worse. The police started harassing me nonstop, calling me in for interrogations day and night.