November 2018 Posts

from Roberto Isaac Ordeñana, Deputy Executive Director, SF LGBT Center

The last several months have been difficult for our community. The mid-term election season allowed hate and vitriol to once again take center stage. Attacks on our trans and gender non-conforming communities, immigrants and women made clear that the fallacy of white supremacy and the power of the patriarchy are the guiding principles of this Presidential administration.

What to Look Out For
By Dany Ricci

A Historic Night for the LGBTQ+ Community

By Lara Hueter

Last night brought LGBTQ+ victories—a “rainbow wave”—across the country, bringing hope alongside the Democrats’ long-awaited retake of the House.

More LGBTQ+ candidates won races than ever before. Over 400 LGBTQ+ candidates appeared on the ballot across the nation.