Economic Justice Month launches in October at the SF LGBT Center

A special series of events and programs addressing the poverty and marginalization impacting the SF Bay Area and beyond
(San Francisco, CA, September 13, 2017) – This October, the SF LGBT Center will be hosting Economic Justice Month (EJM), a month full of programs and events dedicated to highlighting the work that needs to be done in our communities to achieve economic and social justice. 
This year’s motto, "Equity & Liberation," is based on the Center's mission: to connect our diverse community to opportunities, resources, and each other to achieve our vision of a stronger, healthier, and more equitable world for LGBTQ people and our allies. The Center works to achieve its goal by offering yearlong programs, resources, and services that address the needs of communities most impacted by oppression and a constantly changing economy.
“Economic Justice Month at the Center is extremely vital for the people we support through our programs and services,” said SF LGBT Center Director of Economic Development Clair Farley. “LGBTQ affluence is a myth and we need to do whatever we can to elevate one another in these challenging times. Our communities are at the crosshairs of a hostile White House and Congress that refuse to recognize our worth, transphobia is running rampant across the nation, immigrants are being demonized, and our healthcare is at risk of being taken away. We are working hard to make sure our communities have housing, have safe and inclusive workplaces, and dream for more equitable future. " 
Key event during EJM 2017 include: 
October 5: EJM Launch Event
October 26: LGBTQ Career Fair
October 28: Queer Street Market Expo
In addition to these events, there will be a wide array of workshops on topics such as financial education, the housing crisis in San Francisco, tenants’ rights, managing student debt, and finding employment, as well as events specifically tailored to youth, seniors, and the trans and gender nonconforming (GNC) communities. Additionally, throughout the month we will highlight some of the amazing work done by partner organizations across the city. The full schedule can be found at 
EJM 2017 also showcases the work of Center's Economic Development department in providing unique support services and resources designed to increase the self-sufficiency and financial stability of low- and moderate-income LGBTQ individuals and allies. Some of these services offered include: career-building services, transgender/GNC leadership development, housing support services, and small business development.
The SF LGBT Center's services focus on economic and social justice for queer people, trans people, gender non-conforming people, people of color, impoverished people, homeless people, disabled people, immigrants, indigenous peoples, sex workers, youth, elders, and all other marginalized communities.
Press contact: Alberto R. Lammers, Director of Communications
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