Immigration Program

Program Summary:

The Immigration Program at the SF LGBT Center is a pilot program funded by Equality California with grants from the Haas, Jr. Foundation and Four Freedoms Fund. The Center joins four other collaborative partners across the state in an effort to educate the LGBT community about the relevance of immigration issues to their lives and well-being. The Program also aims at improving immigration services access for LGBT people who need them and to strengthen alliances between the LGBT movement and the immigration reform movement across California. 

The overarching vision for our Program is to develop a rich - Information & Referral (I&R) resource – comprising know-how, informational and outreach materials, and well-established partner relationships – that is equipped to provide comprehensive, knowledgeable referral and follow-up for LGBT immigrants in the Bay Area seeking legal and ancillary services. The Program will also provide an opportunity to create a program development and implementation strategy that will inform development of the I&R program overall as we seek to deepen our resources in other areas. In order to achieve this vision, the Center has committed to the program objectives and activities detailed below.

Objectives of Immigration Information & Referral Program:

  • For undocumented and immigrant LGBT residents of San Francisco to have access to services and resources that support diverse pathways to legal status and citizenship.
  • Alliances and relationships of trust between the LGBT and immigrant rights movements are strengthened by the active involvement of LGBT individuals and the SF LGBT Center in local efforts to help eligible people take advantage of pathways to citizenship and legal residency.
  • San Francisco’s LGBT community is educated about the injustices faced by undocumented people and the profound difference that legal resident status and citizenship can have on the day-to-day lives of non-naturalized and undocumented people.\

Information on Immigration Rights and DACA/DAPA After 2016 Election Results:

How to Access the Immigration Information & Referral Program: