SF LGBT Center Statement on Trump’s Tweets About Transgender Service Members

This morning Donald J. Trump announced on Twitter that the U.S. military would no longer allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity.
Statement from SF LGBT Center Executive Director Rebecca Rolfe:
“Mr. Trump’s utter disregard for the 15,000 transgender people who are currently serving in the military is reprehensible and appalling. It’s extremely disheartening to know that our military would discharge highly trained service members based on discrimination and false information about medical costs, or distortions about their contributions to this country. Transgender people are bravely serving our country with honor and this morning’s announcement not only undermines our military and the safety of our country, it is an outright attack on a community who has the right to live dignified lives without the threat of discrimination or harassment. The SF LGBT Center will continue to support the entire LGBTQ+ community, especially transgender people who face a higher rate of discrimination in education, housing, and work. We urge all government officials to reject Trump’s discriminatory rhetoric and join us in respecting the rights and dignity of all transgender people.”