Financial Capability

The Center offers supports for LGBT people and our allies to develop financial security whether its starting a new job, building a business, gearing up to buy a first home or are navigating changes in career or life goals. The first step in this process is taking our financial capability classes, which cover all the basics, including an in-depth overview of the topic area, introduction of financial resources and practical tools to incorporate afterwards. Classes are generally held on weeknights once a month, and you can RSVP through the links below:  

The Basics of Budgeting and Saving

Managing Credit and Debt

In addition, periodic workshops are held to engage the community around other pertinent financial topics.  Most recently, we’ve held workshops around navigating student loans and the very basics of investing.  Please check the Center calendar to take a look at all of our current programming!

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Leisa Boswell, Manager of Financial Services

With Americans collectively owing more than 1.3 trillion dollars in student debt and the average student graduating with $25,000 of debt, student debts are a central financial problem for many people.

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The Center's newest Financial Services staff member, Sophie Lewis, expounds on the current rental market in San Francisco.

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San Francisco Housing Authority will open the public housing waitlist to homeless individuals and families for five days only starting January 13th, 2015 and ending January 18th, 2015! The Center is hosting drop-in hours to support community members in filling out the application.
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Few of us have the opportunity to truly test our powers of deduction….except if you are a same sex couple filling in your income tax returns! 

Less taxing. More fabulous. offers LGBT taxpayers practical guidance, policy updates and support to maximize your savings and plan for the future. 

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