Trump Attacks Our Youth

Yesterday, the Trump Administration escalated their bigoted attacks on our communities. The Education Department, under pressure from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, rolled back guidance that protected transgender youth in our country's schools.
Their actions will have a negative impact on the well-being and education of trans and gender nonconforming students, who already face disproportionate amounts of violence, harassment, and discrimination at school. 
Everyone has the right to dignity and safety --- on the streets, in our homes, and certainly in our schools. 
LGBTQ youth, who have incredible talents and contributions to make to society, already face higher rates of suicide, homelessness, and depression. We see many of them every day. The SF LGBT Center's Youth Program works with hundreds of disconnected youth by supporting them in building community.
These roll-backs put our youth in danger, and it's our responsibility to stand up against this Administration's hate and intolerance against us and everyone that doesn't fit into their narrative. 
Together we will fight for the most vulnerable members of our community, including trans people, people of color, Muslims, youth, immigrants, and low-income community members. We must be loud, visible, and resilient. 
Contact Person: 
Rebecca Rolfe