Laine Cathryn Ballard : Queer Aperture -June 2011

Laine Cathryn Ballard: Featured in “Queer Aperture,” photography by Jeffrey Horvitz. Featuring community members, cultural, civic/political leaders and allies of the local LGBT community through an online and physical exhibit running all year round.

Each month We feature an additional photo and community member.  Check back soon for more!

What is your name? Laine Cathryn Ballard 

How long have you lived in San Francisco Bay Area?
Since 2005

What is the first time you noticed that Gayness existed?
Around age 11 

What would you consider a guilty pleasure?
All my pleasures are guilty. I have Oedipal issues. Talk to my analyst 

Your having a dinner party of 6, whom would you invite?
Some combination of family and spouses 

What would you consider a perfect meal?
My girlfriend says I like a plate of “slop” What would be a perfect day off? 4 hour massage, mud bath, hot springs, sitdown Mexican dinner, Margarita, chips, guac, and my love of course 

Favorite book? 
Two of my favorite authors are Eileen Myles and Alice Notley 

Favorite movie? 
Most recently I loved A Single Man 

Favorite word? 
The word logorrhea makes me chuckle

Least favorite word?
Today it is “favorite” 

Favorite swear word?
Does ‘suck it” count? 

What is your profession?
Poet, Tax Preparer, & Adjunct Instructor 

If you could with a snap of a finger what would be another profession you would like to do?

So many…Magazine Editor, Journalist, Comaprative Lit Professor, Singer , Acupuncturist, Queer Theorist 

Whom would you like to meet dead or alive?
Gertrude Stein

Contact Person: 
Jeff H