Queer Aperture -Feb 2011

Cecilia Chung: Featured in “Queer Aperture,” photography by Jeffrey Horvitz. Featuring community members, cultural, civic/political leaders and allies of the local LGBT community through an online and physical exhibit running all year round.

Each month We feature an additional photo and community member.  Check back soon for more!

What is your name? Cecilia Chung

How long have you lived in San Francisco Bay Area? 26 years

What is the first time you noticed that Gayness existed? Since my mom made me wear matching outfits with my younger sister

What would you consider a guilty pleasure? Having a fling with a guy half my age

You're having a dinner party of 6, whom would you invite? One guest would be my deceased grandmother, the other guest would not meet with her approval

What would you consider a perfect meal? Zero calorie verrrrry spicy food

What would be a perfect day off? A quiet dinner and movie with one or two of my closest friends

Favorite book? Condor Trilogy

Favorite movie? Pan’s Labyrinth

Favorite word? passion

Least favorite word? jealousy

Favorite swear word? f*ck

What is your profession? Policy Consultant

If you could with a snap of a finger what would be another profession you would like to do? Owner of a Tea House

Whom would you like to meet dead or alive? Mother Theresa

Contact Person: 
Jeff H