Transgender Employment Services TEEI

Whether you’re looking for your first job, interested in changing careers or advancing in your current role, the Center’s Employment Services programs can support you in accomplishing your goals. We see employment as basic right for LGBT individuals and supporters in order to increase financial health and build assets over time. The Center offers a range of services, events, and workshops tailored to support participants’ job searches, to offer networking opportunities with potential employers and to connect to further training opportunities. In addition, the Center is proud to offer the nation’s first Transgender Employment Program (TEEI)  

Finding a good job in the Bay Area is hard enough, even without the additional challenges that the trans community faces. The Center's Trans Employment Program (TEEI) is designed to aid you in your search for meaningful employment by providing job search support, mentorship, networking opportunities, and legal services.

Connect with fellow trans job seekers and receive support, insights and resources at the Center’s weekly drop-in Job Club and ongoing employment workshops. At no charge to you, the Center offers workshops in a welcoming environment for community members to share their experiences and learn valuable information such as resume development, interviewing tactics, and networking skills.

Our signature Career Fairs provide a professional networking forum for employers and job seekers to connect, network and gauge employment opportunities. With over 25 job fairs produced to date and over 5,000 community members in attendance, the LGBT Career Fair Series is one of our longest running programs. The Center Employment Services team including TEEI produces annual diversity recruitment and networking fairs, which feature employers and community partners, large and small, throughout the Bay Area. 

The Center’s partners, including a wide range of employers, are committed to LGBT and diversity recruitment. Our partners have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of diversity employment law and human resources.