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Finding a good job in the Bay Area is hard enough, even without the additional challenges that the trans community faces. The Center's Trans Employment Program (TEEI) is designed to aid you in your search for meaningful employment by providing job search support, mentorship, networking opportunities, and legal services.

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Trans Employment Program (TEEI) services include:

  • Employment Support and Case Management 
  • Networking Clubs and Mentoring
  • Life Skills Training and Employment Workshops
  • Career Fairs and Employer Spotlight Events
  • Employer, Service Provider, and Advocacy Trainings
  • Legal Services and ID Document Support

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To participate in TEEI, please contact us via email or by phone at (415) 865-5632.

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Employment Services

In 2012 I sold my car and with the cash I made I left behind a life of alcohol abuse and isolation.

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TranscodeSF provides a free web programming class that runs weekly at the San Francisco LGBT Center, 1800 Market Street, San Francisco. TranscodeSF is a volunteer-run organization that helps trans and gender non-conforming folks gain computer programming and software engineering skills and employment in the technology industry.
Posted by: clairf | Posted on: 12-22-2014 | Tags: transgender, transcode, coding, jobs, tech
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Did you know that transgender job seekers face a high unemployment rate due to discrimination? Where I work, at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center, we believe that employment is a basic right for everyone, including trans and LGBQ-identified individuals.
Posted by: clairf | Posted on: 10-14-2014 | Tags: transgender, employment, economic justice, work, thriving
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Over 300 people attended the event, which featured Mock reading a selection from her recently-released memoir, Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More ; performances by transgender opera singer Breanna Elyce Sinclaire; and a book signing.
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Tips for the challenges transgender job seekers face when searching for work.
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