Volunteer’s of the Month – Aaron & Ron

The Center's Volunteer’s of the Month – January 2013: Aaron & Ron

Presented by: State Farm

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“Aaron and Ron have a real positivity and have spread that joy to everyone who comes through the Center’s front doors. They are hungry to learn and willing to take advantage of all the resources that our community has to offer. I’m honored to recognize their services this month; they are part of the strong heartbeat that helps to make the Center, a diverse and welcoming space for our community and allies.  - Michelle Wright, Community Programs Coordinator

Center: You are involved with our Information & Referral program; what inspires you to continue volunteering with the Center?

A&R: We feel honored just to have the opportunity to volunteer at the Center and especially at the I&R Desk where you cross paths w/ everybody.

Center: How has working at the Center challenged you both personally?

A&R: The main thing we try to keep in mind is to treat everyone equally from the top tier people to the people who live on the sidewalk. And one of the best things about the Center is that from what we've seen, people who are on the top tier don't expect it any other way.

Center: Is there a memory that sticks out in the time that you’ve been volunteering with the Center?

A&R: One day Rebecca Rolfe, Executive Director of the Center, walked up and introduced herself saying 'Hi, I'm Rebecca. I work here.' That's the kind of even-playing-field humility that makes the Center a great place to volunteer. 

How can I volunteer at the Center?

Volunteers represent our foundation. Whether you’re interested in one day or extended volunteer duties, we would love for you to join our growing team. Throughout the year our volunteers will plan and participate in dozens of events aimed at promoting community engagement and raising funds for Center campaigns. We’ll utilize thousands of volunteers to successfully help us engage and encourage our community.

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Michelle W