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The Youth Program @ the Center is a safe space for LGBTQ youth 24 and younger to get connected and empowered! Our purpose is to build a strong queer youth community through education, creative and performing arts, and fabulous community events. 

Want to meet other fierce youth like yourself? This is the place to be! Have dinner with us, watch a movie, play games, and get connected to your community! 24 and under only!

The Center is starting a peer support group where LGBTQQI youth can come in and get information or find resources from staff or their peers and chat about issues they may be confronting, get advice, check-in, find out about events, and plan out their weekends accordingly.

Come to Open Mic and showcase your talent, be it singing, dancing, reading poetry, playing and instrument or anything in between.

Our workshops are fun, educational and free! We provide workshops to youth from 17 to 24 years old that build skills around health and wellness, job search, finances, etc. that help youth become better adults. Furthermore, our workshops aim to build bridges, challenge stereotypes, address violence, and discuss issues facing the LGBTQ youth community.

Young leaders combining powers to address the needs of LGBTQI youth in the Bay Area.
FREE YOUR MIND is a creative arts program for LGBTQ and allied youth 24 years old and younger. Check back in September for applications!

Come and show us your creative side. Draw, paint, color to your hearts desire. Inspire or get inspired.