The Queer Ancestors Project

On view in the Center's new first floor gallery July 22 - September 23, 2017
The Queer Ancestors Project: Prints by Queer and Trans Emerging Artists, including a 5-Year Restrospective
Honoring Anarchists & Arsonists, Abolitionists & Border Crossers, Dissident Divas, Divine Intervention, & Hope.
The LGBTQI community has a limited visual record, or none at all, of significant Queer events before the 1970s, particularly in the histories of Queers of color and transgender people. This lack of imagery makes it harder for LGBTQI people to connect with, learn from, and be inspired by our history. Just as photographs from your early life help to anchor personal memories, a visual record – even an imagined one – can bring historical events to life, creating the kind of indelible connection that enables us to engage deeply with our ancestors. 
The Queer Ancestors Project is devoted to forging sturdy relationships between LGBTQI people and our ancestors. Using history as a linchpin, they build community by providing emerging Queer and Trans artists free interdisciplinary workshops in printmaking, writing, and Queer history. Exhibitions provide a window on the past through which we can glimpse our collective future. Visit for upcoming workshops!
onyinye alheri
Corey Brown
Joan Chen
Amman Desai
Alan Guttirez
Justin Justime
Amirah Mizrahi
Eva Ovale
Amari Robinson
madhvi trivedi
Artistic director: Katie Gilmartin 
Image credit: madhvi trivedi, “Neither,” linocut
Contact Person: 
Rosemary Gardner