Ellora Vilkin

Ellora supports the Center’s mission to promote economic empowerment for the LGBTQ community as Employment Services Specialist. She is passionate about increasing holistic wellbeing for queer, trans, and gender nonconforming communities and has a particular interest in mental healthcare. Outside of her work at the Center, Ellora is a visiting scholar in the Department of Community Health Systems at UCSF, where she supports several studies on sexual minority stress and LGBT mental health, and is completing a post-baccalaureate program in psychology at UC Berkeley.

As an undergraduate, Ellora edited the alternative weekly newspaper and developed an interest in queer theory, anti-racist organizing, and liberation psychology. Prior to joining the Center in 2017, she worked as a professional matchmaker and relationship coach at a dating startup in San Francisco and as a college admissions counselor specializing in personal statements. Ellora holds a BA in English with Honors in Nonfiction Writing from Brown University.

+1 (415) 865-5534
Employment Services Specialist