How to Become a Volunteer at the Center

  • Becoming a Volunteer in 4 Easy Steps
  • So you're considering volunteering with the Center. That is great! We love our volunteers and do our best to ensure that your interests and skill set are matched to the appropriate opportunity. Here are 4 easy steps to volunteering with the Center and an estimation of how long each step takes.

  • Step One: Research
  • Here at the Center we have many opportunities. We've done our best to create opportunities for all types of folks with varied interests, skills, and availability. The first step to volunteering with the Center is to do some research. Check out our regularly updated list of volunteer opportunities to get started. If the Center has what you are looking for and to begin imagining yourself here. Click on the link and check out our opportunities, if there's something missing that you'd really like to get involved in, let us know and maybe we can arrange something or point you in the right direction!

    Estimated time to complete: This could take 5 minutes or a bit longer. Some folks have very particular interests and skills that they want to apply here at the Center and other folks would just like to get involved in any way possible. Whatever the case may be, scour our different opportunities and maybe create a list of your top choices.

  • Step Two: Apply!
  • Once you've checked out our different opportunities, apply! You can submit an application either online or by turning in a physical copy at the Front Desk.

    Estimated time to complete: most folks will take 30min to an hour to complete our application. You can make it as thorough as possible, the more information you're able to share with us the better we'll be able to situate you in one of our opportunities.

    *Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee an appointment to the position that you are requesting. We do our best to ensure that folks are connected to their interests and skills, but we reserve the right to make the final determination about how we fill each position.*

  • Step Three: Attend a New Volunteer Orientation
  • Upon submitting an application you can sign-up for one of our New Volunteer Orientations . Our orientations occur every six to eight weeks and are mandatory for new volunteers before beginning to volunteer with the Center. We will go over information about the Center, current volunteering opportunities, give you a tour, updates and other interesting facts about the Center. Most importantly, we will meet and work with you to tailor volunteering opportunities to your individual skills, interests, and desires.

    Estimated time to complete: The orientation itself last around 90 minutes, however depending when you apply you may wait from as little as a few days all the way to up to six weeks to attend the next orientation.

  • Step Four: Begin Volunteering!
  • At the new volunteer orientation we do our best to get you started on volunteering with the Center. This may mean attending an I&R Training, getting connected to a different staff member who oversees the area in which you'd like to participate, or waiting for an upcoming event. Whatever the case may be, after completing the orientation you are ready to begin volunteering with us here at the Center.

    Estimated time to complete: Depends on you! Different volunteering opportunities require different levels of commitment and additional training. Also certain opportunities occur at specific times during the year, so it really depends on what you're looking to get involved in.

    Please visit the appropriate links for wherever you are at in becoming a volunteer with the Center. If there is an issue with our process or if you have additional questions or concerns that the links and other pages do not provide feel free to email us at

    Thanks again for your interest in volunteering with us and hope to see you around the Center!