Lauren Knochelmann

"It has been a pleasure working with Lauren. She came to Economic Development to volunteer for office support. She began with filing paperwork, organizing our common areas and data entry. We learned very quickly that her skills are so much more. She was able to help us plan for an upcoming event. Along with logistics, Lauren was able to help with communication to participants and employers. Through her volunteering we have learn more about Lauren, personally. She is a key member of our community. We look forward to her walking into our office every week. When Lauren isn’t able to volunteer everyone becomes sad because she is such an important part of the team. We greatly appreciate the time Lauren has given the Center and the Economic Development team. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to Lauren. Thanks for everything you do!!!."- Benjamin Bustamante, Employment Specialist

Interview with Volunteer of the Month - Lauren:

  • The Center:What is most memorable to you about your time at the Center?
  • Lauren:I had been working with the Economic Development team in the weeks leading up to the 2015 Spring Career Fair, and it was incredible to see how much time, effort and care they put towards creating the event. When I arrived on the day of the fair for my volunteer shift, I was delighted to find myself working with many other amazing volunteers I'd not yet had the chance to meet. I had the unique opportunity to interact with so many wonderful clients that were in attendance, and to learn about local businesses that strive to support and hire from the Center community. While I know that clients use the Center's resources on a daily basis, it was a full circle moment to see so many people in the same place, at the same time getting to know one another as they explored career opportunities. The EconDev team pulled off an amazing event, and I look forward to the opportunity to assist at the 2015 Fall Career Fair.
  • The Center:Why should others volunteer with the Center?
  • Lauren:The Center is a place of refuge and assistance for many members of the San Francisco Community. It is a space that welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life, and provides an opportunity for support, growth and assistance. When you give back by volunteering your time at the Center, it not only helps build a stronger community foundation, but leaves the volunteer with new friendships and experiences, as well as the knowledge that they really can make a difference.
  • The Center:What have you gain personally from volunteering with the Economic Development team?
  • Lauren:I have met some truly magical people working with the Economic Development team, and I learn new things from them every week. The energy and pride they bring to their work is admirable, and something I strive towards in other aspects of my life. It's touching to see how much time and effort they put towards assisting each and every client that contacts the Center, and provides me with the continued desire to do the same throughout my daily life.
  • The Center: Thank you Lauren, so much for volunteering with us. I think your story will inspire other people to give back. We can always use more volunteers and we would love to have you join our team!

    If you are interested in volunteering at the Center, please send us an email at or call 415-865-5661

  • Month of Award: 
    June 2015