Love & Pride The Musical

Nov 8 7:00 pm

Love & Pride The Musical

Thursday October 18 from 7-9pm 
Thursday October 25 from 7-9pm
Thursday November 1 from 7-9pm 
Thursday November 8 from 7-9pm

LOVE & PRIDE is an innovative new musical about identity and dialogue.  It features six characters who identify at different points along the spectrums of gender, sex and sexuality, and the conflicts that arise within themselves and with their relationships, due to those identities.  Featuring an original electronic score, Love and Pride follows these interconnected characters through San Francisco’s landmark festivals and celebrations as they learn to respect and appreciate all expressions of self.

In order to accurately portray the struggles of multiple individuals, Love and Pride writer and director Syren Jordan conducted numerous interviews with LGBTQ+ identifying folks.  To ensure these identities were portrayed with respect and accuracy, Syren used the interviews to identify common themes and struggles, and drew all the dialogue in the play from people who occupy those identities. Syren says, “It was important that the narratives came from lived experiences, in the hopes that these stories can be a starting point for conversation and understanding."

This play is full of drama, heartfelt stories, and hilarious comedy.  The music and dance numbers span the genres of pop, rock, jazz, reggaeton and more.  This is a musical unlike any other...and a show you do not want to miss!