Transcode SF - Back in January 2019 on Thursday nights!

Dec 13 6:00 pm Jan 25 8:00 pm
  • Address: 
    SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market Street, San Francisco California 94102
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    Dec 20 6:00 pm Feb 1 8:00 pm
    Dec 27 6:00 pm Feb 8 8:00 pm
    Jan 3 6:00 pm Feb 15 8:00 pm
    Jan 10 6:00 pm Feb 22 8:00 pm
    Jan 17 6:00 pm Mar 1 8:00 pm


TranscodeSF ( was developed in 2012, as a free programming class for trans and gender non-conforming folks. Today, TranscodeSF ( has grown to a community of trans & GNC people currently in tech and aspiring coders, engineers, designers, and newcomers to the industry.

TranscodeSF ( teaches folks computer programming and software engineering skills through a co-working space, series of free classes, study groups, and hands on events with tech industry experts. TranscodeSF ( actively networks with allies in the tech industry and often invites allies to teach new guest series classes and to provide much needed mentoring opportunities. All events are open to allies.

The goal of TranscodeSF ( is to develop more diversity in tech and to build a community of trans and gender non conforming individuals currently in or aspiring for a career in technology through skill building, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

TranscodeSF ( is a collaboration partnership with the SF LGBT Center’s Trans Employment Program ( The mission of Trans Employment Program ( is to educate employers as well as to connect job seekers to trans friendly and sustainable employment. Additional Trans Employment Program ( services at the Center include one-on-one coaching and job search support for all trans* individuals. Also, check out our LGBT Career Network ( on Meetup.

TranscodeSF ( is excited to be partnering TRANS*H4CK, local employers and training programs, and TransTechSF. Please share your ideas for meetup and share trans friendly tech events.

• Co-working space & technical study groups
• Speaker series and events with trans and GQ people in tech
• Career development and job search support
• Partnership with TRANS*H4CK, local tech training programs, and TransTechSF
• Referrals and support with local resources
• Current and aspiring coders are welcome
• Bring your laptop or use one of TranscodeSF laptops
• Please share with your friends and post your suggestions

Support TranscodeSF (
Donating to TranscodeSF ( helps to support the ongoing Trans Employment Program and services at the SF LGBT Center. Give today ( and ask your employer to support our programs or match your contribution. (Dedicate the gift to TranscodeSF (

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