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FREE FRAMELINE TICKETS!!!! This year we again have a host of tickets for the frameline film festival. We will be distributing them on a first come first serve basis to any of our volunteers. - Pride month is here, and we are so excited to see some many amazing opportunities to show your Pride. This post is a big one, so please read through to the end.
“A graduate of TEEI’s fall 2013 Work-It! Workshop Series, Sage is reliable, professional and extremely courteous. Sage was a clear choice for Volunteer of the Month for these and so many other reasons, most notably, they’re here when you need them."
LGBTQ people are our partners, friends, co-workers, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, neighbors and small business owners, but *supporters (or allies) are equally diverse and can show up in about every aspect of our lives too.
Volunteer Opportunities at a Glance
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