International Visitors from Indonesia

Today the SF LGBT Center welcomed visitors from a group of three international visitors from Indonesia who are in the U.S. on a program focused on foreign policy and human rights. They are particularly interested in learning about promoting tolerance in a diverse community through the Internations Visitor Leadership Program

Mr. Indra Kesuma NASUTION

Lecturer, Department of Political Science,, University of North Sumatra (USU)

Coordinator, International Relations Studies Center, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of North Sumatra

Lecturer, Corporate Culture and Career Assessment classes, University of Medan Area

Mr. Nasution is a lecturer at the largest university in Northern Sumatra, the University of North Sumatra, and teaches courses on   foreign policy and international relations. Through his participation on the IVLP, he is interested in gaining an increased understanding of the U.S. approach to human rights issues, including those related to religious freedom, freedom of expression, and multiethnic society. Indonesia


Chairperson, Arus Pelangi

 As Chairperson of Arus Pelangi, Ms. Rustinawati is a leader within the Indonesian human rights community and the Indonesian LGBT activist community. She is responsible for overseeing the organization’s operation and various programs, ensuring they are in line with Arus Pelangi’s mission and strategic plan.  In addition, she works on election monitoring projects throughout Asia and has organized multiple ASEAN-wide conferences on LGBT rights. Ms. Rustinawati hopes to learn about the decision-making process in the U.S. Government policy in protecting minority rights, such as women, religious groups, and LGBT rights, and how to involve society and NGOs in the making process to work well until its implementation.  Ms. Rustinawati wants to study how an NGO can work together and synergize with other human rights organizations while at the same time maintaining and increasing its own capacity in dealing with certain issues.

Mr. Stepphen VINCENT

Executive Editor,

Mr. Vincent maintains and develops the creative content and website business for, the online news website for one of Indonesia's leading TV stations, SCTV. By participating in this program, Mr. Vincent would like to look at how American journalists report on human rights issues. Mr. Vincent wants to deepen his knowledge on national politics, economics, defense, and social policy of U.S. Government’s foreign policy. Mr. Vincent is also interested in learning how American journalists cover foreign policy and human rights issues for their news content.

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