Our Team


Rebecca Rolfe

Executive Director

Jennifer Valles

Director of Programs

Dani Siragusa

Director of Development & Communications


Rosemary Gardner

Director of Community Programs

James Kealohi

Director of Employment Services

Alyssa Avalos

Director of Youth Services

Timothy Hampton

Associate Director of Cultural Programs

Anitra Winder

Associate Director of Youth Services

Regina Benson

Associate Director of Finance

Michael Pembridge

Facilities Manager

Miguel Raphael Bagsit

Associate Director of Communications

Lara Hueter

Associate Director of Development

Denisse Mendéz

Youth Mental Health Manager

Drew Lakhardt

Employment Services Manager

Nick Ward

Community Programs Manager

Shameka Williams

Human Resources Manager

Arturo Reyes

Housing Manager

Ashley De La Torre

Senior Financial Services Associate

Dayshon Hunter

Senior Facilities Assistant

Milly Newman

Senior Development Associate

Rita Wantings

Senior TAY Services Navigator

Jared Holtsberry

Senior Facilities Assistant

Ceara Lafferty

Employment Services Data Specialist

Janelle Luster Vinson

Employment Services Specialist

Ezra Terman

Volunteer Coordinator

Chi Chu Lin

Financial Services Housing Counselor

Reyes Segura

Financial Services Housing Counselor

Antonio J. Chacón

Financial Coach

La Shea Sanchez

Room Rentals Coordinator

Leah Navarrete

Development Assistant

Karine Cordani

Executive Assistant

Jonathan Leite


Adam Varoqua

TAY Services Navigator

Jas Cook

Youth Drop In Coordinator

Ziggy DeBerry

Youth Programs Specialist

Joanna Ryan

Youth Program Specialist

Greyson Coyopa Wright

Bilingual Community Programs Specialist

Roy Hernandez

Bilingual Community Programs Specialist

Darius Coleman

Facilities Ambassador

Eddie Tang

Small Business Consultant

Board of Directors

Sophie Wu


Maceo Persson

Jonathan Millard Board Member

Jonathan Millard


Andre Adeyemi

Board Member

Anthony Gould

Board Member

Carissa Avalos

Board Member

Daniel Wu

Board Member

Eric Mondragon

Board Member

Jeff Riles

Board Member

Mary Kate Johnson

Board Member

Michelle J. King

Board Member

Mika Albright

Board Member

Travis Mitchell

Board Member