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Stories about overcoming the odds,
triumph and leadership
  • Simón and Manuel

    "It meant the world to us to partner with the Center and use the building’s walls as a canvas to celebrate the intersection of our Latino and Queer heritage through Queeroes."
  • Riah

    "With the help of the Center, I was able to get my life back on track."
  • Jay from Host Homes for Homepage


    “When I walked through the front doors of the Center, I had no idea the enormous impact it would have on my life.”
  • Fiona

    "When you give to the Center, you create a place that changes lives. I know, because it changed mine."

Celebrating Bi+ Visibility Month!

This month, in celebration of Bi+ Visibility Month, we are thrilled to collaborate with the SF-based Optimist Collective on 2 community events focused on Bi+ stories and experiences. Check out our events calendar to learn more.

A space where
everyone belongs

For community members hosting in-person or hybrid remote team meetings, retreats, presentations, or other events, the Center’s community-centered space is available for you! We have various customizable room rental options available to book. In addition, we offer discounted rates on a sliding scale for nonprofits of varying sizes.

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