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Stories about overcoming the odds,
triumph, and leadership
  • Tory Teasley

    "By being the first artist to grace the Queer Vibes stage, I hope I have inspired hope. The Center’s focus on supporting artists is so critical because the arts are not a part of the human experience rooted in survival—they are transcendent of survival. The arts are hope in perpetuity."
  • T.

    "Thankfully, places like the Center support people like me on the neurodivergent spectrum who can slip under the radar and become invisible."
  • Simón and Manuel

    "It meant the world to us to partner with the Center and use the building’s walls as a canvas to celebrate the intersection of our Latino and Queer heritage through Queeroes."
  • Riah

    "With the help of the Center, I was able to get my life back on track."

Unbreakable Pride Initiative

Together, we stand with alongside our sister organizations fighting anti-trans and anti-queer legislation nationwide.

Learn more about the vital work our sister centers are providing for LGBTQ+ people in states hardest hit with anti-LGBTQ+ legislation including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and all over the South.

Learn about our Unbreakable Pride Initiative!

“What Remains” Free Exhibit at the Center

We’re excited to welcome the art and activism exhibition “What Remains” into the Center’s first-floor gallery space. The exhibit, featuring original art pieces from ten local artists, challenges Americans to continue their support of the LGBTQIA+ Community beyond Pride month each June. 

The FREE exhibit is open now through the end of January – regular viewing hours are Monday through Thursday from 2-5 pm.

View the exhibit!

A space where
everyone belongs

For community members hosting in-person or hybrid remote team meetings, retreats, presentations, or other events, the Center’s community-centered space is available for you! We have a variety of rental options customizable to your needs, and we offer discounted rates on a sliding scale (between 20-40%) for nonprofits of varying sizes.

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